Evil Shinma - shape-shifting monsters and vampires - roam the Earth on a mission to unleash their darkness upon the human race. Miyu was born the Vampire Princess and charged with the responsibility of banishing Shinma from the Earth. Stranded in the twilight between human and demon, she has the power to offer humans the gift of eternal happiness with one bite, yet is herself, destined for perpetual solitude. Sharing a dark journey through the weaknesses of the human heart with her only companion, Larva, once an evil Shinma and now her devoted guardian, Miyu lives an endless quest as both the hunter and the hunted.


  1. The Fang Knows!
  2. At the Next Station
  3. The Forest Calls
  4. Reiha Has Come
  5. Sepia Colored Portrait
  6. Ghost of Miyu
  7. Fate
  8. Red Shoes
  9. Your House
  10. Swamp of Promises
  11. A Supple Face
  12. Garden of Crying Reeds
  13. Light of the Sea (Part 1)
  14. Light of the Sea (Part 2)
  15. Dream of the Mermaid
  16. Woman Priest
  17. The Moray Boat
  18. City of Illusion
  19. Love of the Dolls
  20. Butterfly Enchantment
  21. Flag of Shinma
  22. Once Upon a Time
  23. Confrontation
  24. The Boy Who Returned
  25. The Last Shinma
  26. The Eternal Sleep

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Empire SKU 453644
UPC Code 9781591820796
Studio Tokyopop
Packaging Custom
Number of Discs volumes 1-6 dvd & cd soundtrack
Disc SS-DL
Subtitles English

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